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Gledhill PulsaCoil Stainless

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Everything you need to know about the operation and maintenance of a Gledhill PulsaCoil Stainless boiler

The new circular PulsaCoil Stainless series is a thermal storage cylinder made from highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel that provides mains pressure hot water using off-peak electricity and was developed by cylinder specialist Gledhill, particularly for use in apartments.

A pressure and temperature relief valve is not necessary for the open-vented thermal store PulsaCoil Stainless, and as a result, no discharge pipework is required either. Thus, it gets over the Part G Building Regulations’ restriction against connecting a discharge pipe from an unvented cylinder to a soil stack.

An extremely effective plate heat exchanger is used to produce household hot water. Mains cold water is instantly heated as it travels through the heat exchanger and is delivered to the taps when hot water is required. The risk of Legionella is fully eliminated by this method of producing hot water. The creative design aids in simplifying installation and ongoing maintenance for the installer.

Other advantages of the PulsaCoil Stainless include the immersion elements’ permanent placement in the same primary water that never changes, which prevents scaling even in places with hard water. The cylinder may use the off-peak electrical supply, which reduces the householder’s operating costs to a minimum.

Unlike unvented cylinders, Pulsacoil Stainless thermal reserves don’t need any annual maintenance.

We offer PulsaCoil Stainless boiler repair and maintenance services that are reasonably priced, completely qualified, and of the highest calibre throughout England. With regard to household and commercial PulsaCoil Stainless service engineers, we promised sincere guidance and excellent work at a reasonable cost.

We do all types of boiler installation, service, and maintenance work while offering thorough and frank advice because we are experts in the engineering of the PulsaCoil Stainless . Our well-groomed and experienced experts will provide you with great customer care before and after the work is completed, thoroughly explain all you need to know, and ensure that you are never confused by technical phrases or jargon.